Buenos Aires is treating us well so far! I remember warning myself that the first few days would be very difficult and that I just need to get through it.  I don’t know if all the time we had for preparation made our transition easier, or if it just gets easier every time you move, but day four into our life in Buenos Aires and I am missing my friends and family, but am enjoying our low key lifestyle. It’s interesting to me that every time it comes down to the day of the move, I would do anything in the world to stay right where I am at.  But after each move, I realize how foolish I was to think that way and despite my fears, change can be good!  Step one for me with any new move is telling myself to stop trying to find the similarities, recognize that this place I am in is very different and I need to appreciate the differences and enjoy them.  I had to remind myself of this a lot today. For example the trash pickup comes every day in a little basket in front of the house.  I should stop questioning why and just put the trash out every day.  Trying to buy my typical American groceries is so expensive so I will need to try and eat like the Agentines and learn something new.  Since juice is ridiculously expensive here,  I will do like the Argentines and buy a juicer and make my own fresh with half the sugar.

The girls appear to have the “make the most of your new situation down”.  However, Lyndsey likes to make her case a little before jumping on the band wagon.  For example the girls started summer camp yesterday at their school so we started our morning with Lyndsey proclaiming in a very loud voice that she was not going anywhere.  After finally getting out the door we made our drive to the school.  I told Doug as we stood outside the gym that I felt horrible for Lyndsey and I was going to take her out of the camp when she was done with the day.  Lyndsey continued to give us dirty looks from across the gym, and as I was not yet comfortable leaving, so I made my way to the office to read my book and Doug headed to work.  As usual I agonized over Lyndsey while Lauryn appeared to be having the time of her life.  After a good jet lag recovery snooze in the office, I made my way to the gym, and oddly Lyndsey was not giving me the look and Lauryn had a big smile.  In answer to our question “how was your day”? Lyndsey said “good”.  This is of course 6th grade translation for “I really liked it”, because if she even remotely did not like it, we would have heard about it.  I told her I went ahead an un-enrolled her since she was so upset in the morning.  This caused yet another loud reaction and when I told her I was joking this lead to a big discussion on relaxing and giving things a try before we freak out.  After one day at school she decided she would go to the 6th grade event at the school that evening, where they walked to the bowling alley, had a bonfire and slept overnight.  When hearing about this, I announced in the car that I was not ready for this and that Lyndsey would NOT be going which then resulted in dirty looks from Doug. I got a lot of dirty looks that day.  Lyndsey went and had a blast.  For the record I do not know a lot of kids who would do that, Lyndsey has gained much adaptability with her moving experiences and makes friends easily.

Lyndsey’s camp counselors speak 100% Spanish throughout the camp so that the kids can get lots of practice.   The 6th grade students Lyndsey is with are completely bilingual and translate for Lyndsey throughout the day.  Much of these children also speak German.  We are all feeling a little….foolish amongst this new community not knowing at least Spanish. When Lyndsey starts school she will be in a beginner Spanish class with about 4 other middle school students, I am not sure how it will work with Lauryn in elementary.   Meanwhile, I have to get going on my own Spanish instruction, this is getting ridiculous.  I start with the tutor next week. I just feel stupid not being able to communicate.

My new best friend is Alejandra; however we play mostly charades in effort to communicate. I have given her the title of peacemaker not a house cleaner, a clean home puts me at peace.  Most of my neighbors have an Alejandra living with them 24/7.  These neighbors can also communicate with their Alejandra.  The Argentines enjoy life and relax often with family and friends.  Kids are not shuffled from activity to activity; they participate in conversation and also learn to relax at a young age.  I am sure we will continue our intense schedule when we arrive back in the states but for now we will enjoy this beautiful break!  The girls have been in the pool at every opportunity and Lauryn is giving a water aerobics class tomorrow afternoon if anyone would like to attend.  In addition chef Lauryn has embraced the Argentine food and made for us last night a red pepper with cheese and ground pepper appetizer that included her own lemon sauce made from fresh lemons.  Someone call the food network.  I reunited with some of the moms from my first trip at that school today and will be going to the grocery store with one of the gals next week.  She is the mother of three picky eaters and has the skinny on all the American product hot spots.  I will be participating as a teacher next week during our churches vacation bible school and have already been invited to a ladies only pool party.  I hope there is a slide and water guns. We have lots of church activities this weekend and we are looking for tennis opportunities.  All in all, we are doing ok so far.  I miss my outdoor mall that was 55 seconds from my door.  Shopping is proving to be very difficult here.  Of course not being able to communicate does not help; I will keep working at it.  I do think when school starts life will be a little more hectic again, but with activities provided after school; this should be a nice break from my life in the car.  We will head to the “rink” in a few weeks and get the girls on the “so called ice” so they can keep working on their jumps and if they want they will skate a lot in Colorado over the summer.  The girls appear happy and relaxed and today they are exhausted from camp and the time adjustment.  Lauryn also had a friend over today to swim.  Natalie lives a few houses down and is from Missouri, her dad is here working as an attorney and they have SIX children.  Can you imagine their airport stories?  Doug is relieved that Lyndsey liked camp and I told him to not get too excited until she starts school. But for now there is a lot of laughter and I pray it continues.

Once we get this house in order we will post some pictures.

Lots of love, and we appreciate your prayers.