We have finally arrived and our heads are spinning.  We made it into Buenos Aires Monday morning and were able to get through customs with little effort however our total travel experience was not without issue.  We got off to turbulent start with the driver showing up with a car unable to accommodate our “9” pieces of luggage.  Already running late we had to be on our way and when the driver could not find a solution my neighbors saved the day and we rode with the Borchlewicz to the airport while our driver followed with our luggage.  Once we made it to the ticket counter we had a representative with some attitude who felt the constant need to tell us how much luggage we had.  Of course she was dealing with the wrong gal on the wrong day and we had words as you can imagine.  Off we went to the security line with overflowing backpacks, a guitar, and webkinz in tow and by the time we finished pulling off boots, coats, and getting our laptops etc. into the buckets,  I commented to the security guard that we are great entertainment and he confirmed we were the best he had seen all day.

We landed in DC on time and had an uneventful flight.  Lyndsey begged us to turn the plane around and we both had tears in our eyes as we said goodbye to the mountains for a while.  How great it was to have a long layover in DC that allowed the girls to spend time with their grandparents and cousin.  We then loaded onto the plane at 9:30pm and continued our exceptional ability to make a scene wherever we go. By the time I was through a total of 6 people changed seats so I could be right next to my girlies. In my defense this was supposed to have already been determined, I blame the ticket rep in Denver.  Lauryn was lights out right after dinner and Lyndsey and I stayed up most of the night watching movie after movie.  BTW for those growing up with Michael Jackson in the 70’s and 80’s this is very good flick!  When I finally did fall asleep I woke up late and quickly needed to get my information together for customs along with all the forms they require you to fill out on the plane.  We had a longer time than most in customs as we needed to present our visa documentation. The girls were practically lying on the floor with exhaustion by the time we were done and we were finally approved to enter the county.  We sprinted to the baggage claim and found that our “9” pieces of luggage was most likely on its last round before going to auction.  I practically jumped on the luggage carousal and grabbed our luggage only to find there were no carts and no one willing to help me find one.  The girls stood on their own guarding “9” pieces of luggage and 6 carry ons’ while I desperately searched the area for a cart. I came across an abandoned cart and soon found out why as it was barely operational.  I finally found an Argentine airport worker to assist me and he eventually started walking away after having to work too hard to get our luggage to the customs screening area.  Sensing I was losing the only many willing to help, I flashed 10 US dollars   (about 40 pesos) and he was once again back to work for the Parker family. Curiously as we got to the luggage screening area, they looked at our pile of luggage and waived us through.  Living in fear that I would be in national headlines for a security breech, I attempted to ask the security personnel no less than 10 times if they needed to scan my luggage.  After my last attempt I told the girls, let’s go for it! We walked through the gates and I could see Doug but he could not yet see us.  I have to say I will never forget his expression.  When he finally saw Lyndsey, his face lit up and he started jumping up and down so we could see him amongst the sea of people.  He busted through the crowd and came running out to greet us.  My over paid steward quickly left as soon as Doug was on the scene and after we were done with our big  greeting we looked up and saw everyone staring at the crazy Americano’s with their “9” pieces of luggage and 6 carry ons.  I thought I would collapse when we finally got to the house. Doug made us a great lunch and we ate at the pool the girls were swimming and in a great mood.  Although when we were taking off for BA Lyndsey was once again begging to turn the plan around, and my heart was breaking.   The weather is hot and humid and I love it! It feels so good to be in the heat. Tug is getting use to the new climate and can hardly keep up with all the birds and sounds they make throughout the day.  I sat in the backyard for about an hour just feeling the heat and all these exotic sounds I had never heard before.  Funny how on our first trip I was so critical of everything, I complained about everything …”this is not anything like America”, “I don’t like this or that”, and now I found myself less critical and just taking it for what it is.  Summer in BA is very nice.  Doug’s assistant came over and spent a few hours with us going over some items with me and working with “Fibertel” reps to identify proper IP numbers in order to connect to Wi-FI . We NEVER could have done this on our own, Fibertel is 100% Spanish speaking and no English translation options. The TV and phones etc., are all working thanks to Doug and this has made our move a little less stressful!  We went last night to our favorite authentic Argentine restaurant “Kansas”.  As you can imagine they specialize in amazing American cuisine and we love it! Huge meal and drinks for all for about 60 USD with exceptional service and 10% tipping.  Come on down and enjoy.  The wait staff is very friendly and they try very hard to communicate with us.  It does not make me angry or sad I cannot tell the waiter I want my dressing on the side, it motivates me.  I am starting my tutor in a few weeks and I plan to start with learning to communicate in the streets.  I do not need to start out learning everything just the priorities to begin with.  Today we get the house in order and Wednesday the girls head to The Lincoln School Summer camp.  Lyndsey is thrilled…not! I will let you know how her first day goes.

We are available for skyping most anytime- and we are hoping to get Vonage connected this week- which means you can call us from the U.S. for the same cost it would cost you to call us in Colorado.

Keep the prayers coming.