We had the opportunity a few weeks ago to attend the River Plate soccer game, and I think we all agreed on the way home it is on our top 10 Parker family experiences.  No announcers, no halftime show, no cheerleaders, and only next to Lauryn’s Colorado Cup Championship Game, this was the most exciting sporting event we have ever attended.

I got Lauryn’s little camera out once, and then it was put away for the rest of the game, but I captured the crowd during a point in the game and the energy in this video never stops throughout the entire game.  There is a group of radicals who are brought in to a specific section of the stadium and they lead the crowd the entire game in songs and chants.  You don’t want to be anywhere near these guys, “muy loco”.  They sing at the top of their lungs the entire game, and when they get a goal it is pure pandemonium.   Our friends translated the songs and they are full of history and pure hate for their rival team La Boca!  The La Boca game was the following week so they were really going crazy. 

 We went with our friends Mike and Kirsten and their family.  Mike is Argentine and can switch from 100% American to 100% Argentine in a split second, quite impressive.  They live in Miami, Florida and are here this trip for  6 months immersing their kids in their culture and spending time with their Argentine family.  Kirsten was an EX-pat child born in Guatemala, and lived in various countries growing up.  She speaks perfect English and Spanish and they spoke on our behalf the entire game.  We had to keep our English very, very low.  Mike is the one in the video jumping up and down and will go to every single game while they are here, but not the La Boca game, as it was in La Boca and too dangerous if you are a River fan!

 There were so many amazing aspects of the game, but most curious was after the game.  River fans had to stand and wait to leave the stadium for 45 minutes, any guesses why?  They had a small section reserved for the visitors and the police escort these fans out of the stadium and give them a 45 minute head start before they release the River fans. On the way out of the stadium,  I held on to the girls hands so tight Lauryn had to ask me twice to not squeeze so hard.   The singing continues out of the stadium and into the streets in unison, I have never seen anything like it in my life, priceless!

So glad to have this experience, watch our YouTube Link below.