La Boca

Happy New Year!

It is January 2nd, 2010 which can only mean one thing, our focus has moved from Christmas and New Years’ to finalizing the details of our move to Buenos Aires.  We spent some wonderful time with family and friends over the holidays and with all the love and support I am feeling more and more at peace with our move and even a slight twinge of excitement.  Lyndsey continues to be in denial and there is no doubt the day we leave the house and board the plane there will be many tears.  However we feel very blessed to be able to provide the girls with this opportunity and feel strongly that they will benefit immeasurably from this experience.

Tug and Doug will be leaving for BA next week and the girls and I will follow close behind.  Getting Tug into Argentina is proving to be just as difficult as our Visa process.  Tug under went his examination for his certificate of health this week and we are happy to announce he has been approved for travel to Argentina.  For safe measure we will be heading to downtown Denver where we will have the state veterinarian officially sign his certificate of health.  Our experience with the Argentine government has shown us the more documentation the better.  Tug currently has a reservation to fly in the cabin with Doug, however we have been advised that all this can change on a whim.  We pray that he can travel with Doug and will not experience too much culture shock.   Tug and I have made plans to Skype daily and I hope he understands the girls and I are coming soon.  It will no doubt take him a while to bounce back from his international travel experience, but we think he will appreciate the warmer weather and an occasional dip in the pool.  Tug will not be coming back until the end of our assignment as the plane travel is just too difficult.  I am sure he is ok with that.

The girls are schedule to participate in an amazing summer camp at the Lincoln school the week after we arrive.  You check out the link for the girls summer camp listed under my links or at  We are hoping they will meet some friends in a fun setting before the first official day of school on February first.  Doug has a full schedule lined up for us when we arrive and I am looking forward to getting our house in order.  Doug has done a ton of work getting all the necessities including appliances, beds, internet, cable, security etc.   I look forward to filling my days initially on getting the girls acclimated with school and their activities and making our new house a home.  We shipped all the furniture from our basement and I am wondering if I will like my old basement furnishing any better in this new house, probably not.  The girls will be happy to know they can now eat, drink, and jump on the couch, something they have not been allowed to do in their previous homes.  This furniture will not be making its way back to Colorado; it has reached its final destination!  After we are good and settled step one is to learn how to navigate the grocery store on my own and improve my tennis game.  I will need to at least learn the Spanish translation for managing these tasks.  I am hoping to learn much more than that but we will start slow.

The next few weeks will be filled with much preparation and tears for sure.  When we walk into our new home in Argentina I will no doubt feel relieved to have arrived but also overwhelmed with anxiety and a strong desire for my familiar life and friends in Colorado.  This overwhelming feeling is one we have felt before, and we know that it will persist for many days, but eventually it will subside and we will begin to embrace and enjoy our new surroundings.

Remember to keep us in your prayers.